Fish Health


When fish are grown on a fish farm they are stocked densely and would not survive on the farm unless they are segregated by year class and supplied with good quality feed and water.

Parasites and disease organisms, such as bacteria, are present in all healthy open water systems including fish farm ponds. The fish thrive in these ponds unless they are allowed to become stressed.  If fish do become stressed, whether in a farm environment or in a fishing pond, its ability to withstand ordinary disease organisms is greatly reduced and the fish may soon die.

High stocking density, lack of food, over fishing or poor environment conditions will cause the fish to be stressed.  At Fishers Pond Fishery we ensure that our fish are not subjected to stress so that they will be in the best possible condition when they reach our customers.  We believe it is the responsibility of fishery managers to ensure that the stock in their control is kept in good condition. It is in their best interest to do so.  Over stocking, over fishing, lack of food and poor water quality are the main causes of stress and mortality in angling waters

A dead fish is a dead loss.