About Fishers Pond Fishery

Fishers Pond Fishery is based on a 25-hectare fish-farming complex in the Itchen catchment near Winchester. Fish were first farmed on this site more than 700 years ago. At Fishers Pond we are fish farmers – not dealers. All the fish we sell are guaranteed to be young healthy stock. We do not sell stunted fish culled from overstocked angling waters.

Since 1976 we have followed a strict quarantine policy. We do not allow any fish onto this site. This policy, together with those of regular disinfections and health screening by frequent veterinary monitoring, gives us the highest possible health rating. All of our ponds are included in the registration of fish farms scheme.

All of the fish sold by Fishers Pond Fishery have been produced in our own hatchery from our own broodstock. The broodstock are kept in specially built ponds and are managed exclusively for the production of eggs and milt. In the spring the broodstock are taken into the hatchery and stripped. The eggs are incubated in special jars. Once hatched, the little fish are kept in the hatchery until they are ready to feed and then they are stocked out into nursing ponds. All of these little fish have to be grown for at least two summers until they are big enough to be stocked for angling. Some of them are grown on for five summers before they are ready for sale.

No angling takes place on these ponds so the fish are undamaged and naive.

Each winter all of the ponds are drained and harvested. Most of the fish are sold but the best fish are kept and grown on for a further year, and so the cycle continues.

Farmed carp are aged by the number of summer growth periods they have had rather than the number of years. Hence, a carp hatched in May or June and grown for 1 summer is known as a ‘one summer carp’. A ‘one summer carp’ is commonly 2” – 4” long. Grown on for a second year it is then known as a ‘second summer carp’ and is likely to weigh 0.5lb – 1lb.

Great care is taken in the choice of broodstock in order to maintain and improve the Fishers Pond strain. Each year many tens of thousands of ‘one summer carp’ are reared from these brood fish and each year the best of each year class is selected to be grown on for the following year. The best of the ‘fourth summer carp’ year class is chosen to make up the broodstock population for future years.