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The earliest record of fish being grown at Fishers Pond are contained in parchment rolls in Winchester which make up part of the Doomsday Book. These records are over a thousand years old. The records refer to a complex of highly managed ponds extending to about 100 acres of water. In 1934 the only remaining ponds came into the ownership of the present owners’ family when the old Marwell Estate was split up. In 1976 John Paton inherited the site. This coincided with a very severe drought during which most of the fish died. From that inauspicious start, the business has been grown into one of the largest suppliers of coarse fish in the country. The family run business supplies fish, mostly carp, to businesses, clubs and private fisheries all over the country. Most of the very large carp in the country, including nearly all of the 50lb+ fish, started life at Fishers Pond.